Movie Night

14 May 2008; nadir of the internet experience 

The best laid plans of mice and men...

We ended up watching Black Snake Moan and Heavy Metal 2000 There was pizza, there was beer, there was MST3K without the hand puppets.  If, for some reason, you care: Pictures.


Indiana Jones Movie Night!!!

14 May, 2008 1800CST  'til everyone leaves, passes out, or implodes.

So, they're doing it again; geriatric Harrison Ford has once again donned the fedora of the fearless (well, except for snakes) Indiana Jones.

Ahhhh, the mere thought of the Indiana Jones franchise whisks me back to the days of my youth: learning to use a bullwhip, fascinated by the idea of Nazis, leather clad storm troopers, and omnipotent holy relics.... mmmm.... elementary school. 

In honor of this, MovieNight this time around will be Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (Doom I say, DOOOOOM!!!!)


Food will be:

Grilled beef shoulder

Roasted Red potatoes

Rotini Pasta w/ sundried tomato pesto, stewed tomatoes, and parmesan on the side.

Dessert will be:

Strawberry Jello made to look as much like chilled monkey brains as possible without actually having to order a bunch of monkeys from EBay.