Movie Night

27 May, 2009; nadir of the internet experience 

Ahhhh, the 80's... huge hair, punk rock, goths, booming economy, chia pets, cocaine, and some of the best humor our civilization has ever produced... In honor of this momentous accomplishment I present you:

80's MovieNIght

27 May, 2009; 1900 hrs until last person standing.


Better Off Dead:

Probably one of John Cusack's best movies (IMHO).

"Go that way, really fast. If something gets in your way, turn."

Really: what better advice for life in general can you get?

Real Genius:

Val Kilmer and some other guy. Geniuses with a penchant for nonsense and hilarity.

Yet another movie chock full o' one liner goodness:

"This? This is Ice. It's what happens when water gets too cold."


I've been a lazy bastard the last few movie nights. This time I'm actually going to cook:

Bronzed chicken (curry, yo) an a bed of Saffron Rice with a large side of sauteed vegetables to include (but not limited to): Asparagus, sweet red bell peppers, and yellow squash.

let me know if you're coming (or just showing up) so i can have a general idea of how much to make via ye olde mailto: link below                               |